GE Universal Remote Not Working – How To Fix?

Troubleshooting is easy when your GE universal remote is not working or responding to the connected device.

You have to check some factors before trying some advanced levels of fixing.


  • whether the remote control is properly paired with the device,
  • whether is it partially/fully programmed
  • Applied the correct universal code, etc

Is your GE Universal Remote Not Working? Let’s Fix It.

Battery check-up

Ensure that the battery inserted into the remote has a sufficient charge. When did you change the battery last? if it was too ago, then the change may have gotten dry or low charged (It doesn’t work even when the charge is very low). Insert a new set of batteries on it and then re-program it.

Change both batteries at a time. It’s not favorable to use one battery is new and the other one is old. It only costs a few pennies.

Check the batteries are inserted in the correct poles.


There is a chance the child in your home may be removed from the batteries and re-inserted not properly. So, check this.

Reset and reprogram the remote

First of all, hard reset your GE universal remote control.

Then find the correct code for your remote to the device based on the type (Model number). The codes can be obtained from the official website at

Let me show you an example,

If you want to program your CL5 GE remote to your TV, you should know the brand name of the TV.

Then make sure that which code list is supported by your remote.

Get the official website, and select the device brand name and the model of the remote from the drop-down menu to find the code.

You’ll get a list of codes, try with the first code.

Then program your remote with the code. When you get all the positive signals while setting up, check the remote where all the keys are properly working or responding to your TV or any other device (To know it has been completely programmed).

Once you have done all of these basic things, and still won’t work, then you can walk through the following process to identify the issue and solve it.

How To Fix GE Universal Remote Not Working Issue

Check the battery

Check whether the inserted batteries have a sufficient charge on them. If your GE remote stopped working when you were using it, complaints about the batteries are the possible reason.

Replace both of them rather than one. Locate the battery compartment, remove both batteries and insert fresh ones. Don’t make the compartment empty for more time, because it may cause all the programmed settings will be lost on the remote.

Re-program GE universal remote

Since GE is a universal remote, it’s not pre-programmed to any of the devices available in the market. We have to set it up with a 4-digit unique code to the device category and the brand name.

If your GE remote is not programmed to your device, it’ll not work with it. If you are sure that you have programmed with the device, it may be erased all the programmed settings due to some other factors like battery drainage, faulty code entry, etc.

In such cases, you should re-program it properly. Before you proceed with re-programming, it’s advisable to reset your GE universal remote to factory settings so that it’ll get a fresh start.

Then find the correct code for the remote and the device from the ByJasco official website.

If you can’t find the proper code, the following guide will help you to set up the remote without codes

Remember:- It’s recommended to detach the batteries from the remote for up to 3 minutes, press all the buttons rapidly, and then insert a set of fresh batteries before you re-program it.

Use proper remote code from the codes list (CL3, CL4, or CL5)

As of 2023, now 4 code lists are available for a GE universal remote, such as CL3, CL4, CL5, and CL6. If you have new models bought after 2018, your remote comes under CL5 or CL6. CL3 and CL4 codes possess very old models.

To know the exact code version, you can check the details printed on the inner side of the battery compartment.

After retrieving the code list version CL(Version Number), visit the code library, the links are provided below

  1. CL3 – Link
  2. CL4 – Link
  3. CL5 – Link
  4. CL6 – Link

Find out the code for your device type and the brand from there and then proceed to program your remote.

Why this is super important?

Because only a proper 4-digit code can help you to fully program your remote to your TV or any other device.

Check GE remote IR sensor is Working

Check your remote’s IR LED is working perfectly. To check this, we have a traditional method. I know you all have a smartphone. Open the camera on your smartphone. point the remote to the camera lens, and then press all the remote keys. If you can see the LED flashing each time you press the keys, you can confirm that there is no issue with the sensor.

If the IR LED is not flashing when pressing the keys, the sensor gets damaged. Rather than repairing or soldering a new IR sensor, it’s better to buy a new GE remote.

If you have a passion for repairing electronic gadgets and have tools at your home like soldering tools, IR sensors, etc., you can replace the sensor with a new one in less than half an hour. The decision is yours.

Move from Shift Mode

If your GE remote control is not working, another possible cause could be that it is in shift mode. To address this and to shift from this mode, press and release the shift/setup button, and while the LED red light blinks, use the arrow buttons on your GE remote.

There may not be a shift button in old models of the GE universal remote control. If your GE remote does not have a shift button, then try to re-program your GE universal remote control.

Fix the issue with the button mat

With prolonged usage, the keys may become faulty, and the conductive electric paint on the circuit board may wear off. Consequently, electric pulses may not be transferred to the remote’s circuit board when pressing the keys.

This is the main reason people complaining GE universal remote Menu button not working, the Volume button not working, the channel button not working, etc.

The only solution to fix this type of issue is to re-apply the electric paint on the button mat.

Open the battery body. Detach the circuited board, button mat, etc. from the remote. In the underside of the button mat keys, gently apply the electric paint (You can buy it from the market or Amazon). Make sure that there is no excess electric paint applied to the mat.

After that, let it dry. Reassemble the remote and then use it with your device after programming.


Hope all these troubleshooting tips will help you get rid of the non-functioning GE universal remote. If you find any additional tips, you can share them with the world. Please comment on the box below.




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