Philips Remote CL035A Codes, Review And Programming

Philips CL035A is a budget-friendly and top-performing universal remote control. It’s a very old model, and because of the quality, compatibility, and features, still, in 2023, it has a role in the market. Today, we’ll review it, publish all the working codes, and learn the way to program for different devices.

Philips Universal Remote CL035A Review

Philips CL035A is something old model universal remote control but has a good number of devices supported. Still, it has a demand in the market and is one of the trusted and very high-quality remote controls from Philips.

When I wrote this review in 2021, Philips CL035A had a good number of users, it’s less prone to damage because the body was built with quality material. I can see that it won’t get damaged by simply falling. But as Philips launches new models, this remote has been discontinued a few years ago.

But the remote is still available on some old E-commerce platforms and in some well-known resellers. You may find it still listed on E-bay, Amazon, etc.


Look at the design of the Philips CL035A. Very old age look with all the needed keys there.

Philips remote CL035A


What I have felt on viewing this remote is the number keys and other functional keys. All the keys are big, so this is very convenient to use for elder people. The partially blind person can identify the keys because the numbers are letters are labeled very thick.

Materials used in manufacturing this CL035A remote are very hard. Very long-lasting materials of plastic and fiber. You no longer need a protective cover. But it’s beneficial to use a protector like the remote flip or cover to give extra life.


Philips CL035A is an infrared-based remote control. No other connectivity like RF, or Bluetooth not supported. You can leave up to a 12-meter distance from your device and control it.


  • Built with high-quality and long-lasting materials
  • Programming is very easy
  • Easy to use for elderly people at your home
  • Less prone to damage (Even dropped in water)


  • Programmable only one device
  • heavyweight
  • It has no feature to control streaming players like Roku, firestick, etc
  • Manual code entering for programming is a little bit difficult, prefer the auto code search method

Philips CL035A Universal Remote Codes

A set of 4-digit Philips CL035A universal remote codes is available to program for different devices. I have collected the code from the original user manual. Hope this will help you to program the Philips CL035A remote control.

  • Sony TV – 0414, 0902, 0801, 0708, 0639, and 0816.
  • Vizio TV – 0709 and 1702
  • LG TV – 0606, 0502, 0102, 0117,0002,0814, 0324,0802, 0435, 0307, 0609, and 0217.
  • Samsung codes – 0112, 0512, 0302, 0502,0209,0002, 0102, 0110, 0818, and 0895.

User manual and the codes list – The PDF file

Get all the universal codes listed from the following PDF file.

Download Now

How To Program Philips CL035A Universal Remote?

We’ll follow the direct code entry method here. Because it’s a simple and effective method, we can complete pairing in less than 2 minutes. Since I have provided the codes here above, and given the PDF file too, it’s not difficult to find the universal codes for your device.

Be ready with the universal device code.

Follow the instructions


First of all, note down the Philips CL035A universal remote code for your device. If you are confused about the code or don’t know the exact code, find the code from the above-mentioned file.

Step 2:

Now Turn on the Device and point your remote to the device. Then press the “SETUP” button and then the device type button you wish to program.

Suppose you are programming this remote for the TV, then press and hold the TV button until the LED light is lit on the remote control.

Step 3:

After that, Just enter the Philips CL035A remote code one by one very carefully, and then the red LED button will turn off.

Step 4:

Now press the “OK” button to save settings and then press the power button on the remote by pointing to the device.

If your device responds to the remote quickly, you have successfully programmed your Philips CL035A.

Program Philips CL035A remote with Code search button

First of all, turn on the device that you wish to program the remote. It may be a TV or DVD.

Then press and hold the “CODE SEARCH” button so that the light button is lit. Then press the device type button like “TV” or “DVD

Next, press the number key “4” one time. Then press the “Power button” pointing the remote to the device to check whether the device turns on or turns off.

If your device is responding to the remote control properly, then press the “OK” button on the remote control to save the settings.

That’s all about the codes, reviews, and programming instructions. Hope this helps you.

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