RCA Universal Remote Codes For Roku [2024] & Programming

Are you trying to set up your RCA-branded remote control on the Roku streaming device? Well, you have landed at the correct place. RCA is the perfect replacement for the original streaming remote. But has some limitations like it won’t support voice search.

But, till you buy an original remote, you can simply control using this one. I’ll share with you all the RCA universal remote codes for the Roku streaming stick and the box.

We should take care of the revision number of the remote control models, the codes are available based on those revision numbers. But, the codes are the same for almost all the models. It works with different types of streaming devices like Roku stick, Box, lite, Express, etc.

What are the RCA universal remote codes for Roku TV?

Normally, RCA provides 5-digit codes

  • 52371
  • 53061
  • 25662
  • 33212
  • 64436
  • 16331

some compatible 4-digit codes are 3061, 2371, etc

Important:- These codes are only applicable to pure streaming devices, but not to built-in Roku smart TVs like TCL, Sharp, Insignia, Hisense, etc.

For specific code selection, use this official code finder tool

Codes for Roku built-in smart TVs

  • TCL Roku TV – 12434, 13183
  • Sharp Roku TV – 13183

How to program the RCA universal remote to Roku?

Once you are ready with the codes, then follow the instructions

  • Turn ON your TV
  • Press and hold the “SAT-CBL-STREAM” button on the remote until the RED light turns ON.
  • Then enter the first RCA universal remote code for Roku using number keys by holding the “STREAMING” button. The RED LED will turn OFF.
  • If you have entered the right code, the LED light will Turn on again.
  • It indicates that the remote has been programmed properly

Can I use the RCA remote for built-in Roku smart TVs?

Yes, you can. RCA can be compatible with hundreds of TV brands including smart TVs and Roku software-loaded smart TVs, provided the TVs should have IR sensors.

The codes available for the streaming devices will be different from the codes for the TVs. You have to find out the codes from the official website based on the revision numbers.

In the above, I have described that the device buttons we have used while pairing the streaming stick is SAT-CBL-STRM, but when it comes to pairing for the TVs, we should use the TV button. That’s the only difference.

How to find the revision number of an RCA universal remote?

As we see in the GE universal remote, the code list version and the RCA remotes have revision numbers. We have to find out the universal codes based on the revision numbers. It’s important to find the proper codes so that we can program the remote very easily.

Find the revision number of an RCA universal remote

To find the revision number, open the battery compartment of the remote, and remove the batteries. Then find the details labeled there like the model numbers, revision numbers, manufacturing dates, etc.

In the above image, you can see that the revision number is labeled as R26211. This should have some unique universal codes for different devices.  If you got the codes for another model and used this remote, it won’t work.

So, getting the correct code is super important.

An alternative to the RCA remote for Roku devices

If you are looking for the best RCA remote alternative for your Roku TV, then I would recommend you to go with the GE universal remote since it’s a low-cost and well-working remote control brand that has easy pairing with the Roku TV through 4-digit codes. In just simple 3 – 4 easy steps, the remote gets ready with your device.

One important update that I wish to give you regarding this is if you are using a Roku stick, other than the built-in smart TV and the Box, the GE remote won’t support it.

Hope this helps you. 🙂

Happy streaming 


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