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Shajeer – Author Cum Editor

We are experts in universal remotes. Working as a dealer for the last 8 years. Selling different types of remote control (Both original and third-party) for our customers. Because of having extensive knowledge of various remote brands in the market, we decided to start a blog and that’ll be helpful for many people searching for information on the web.

Our online presence began in 2020, and we officially launched our website at https://universalremotebest.com.

However, we have recently rebranded our website to https://universalremotezone.com.

In this blog, we strive to provide high-quality content that is highly helpful for both our customers and readers. Since we are running a shop, we have experience with almost all the universal remote brands out there in the industry.

When we hand over a product, we’ll program the remote control to the customer’s particular device like TV, DVD, Home theater system, etc. During the setup process, we test the codes from the hundreds of universal remote codes available along with the product pack, and we note the most supported code.

Thus we have an extensive code library, that’ll pair your remote to the device brand in a single attempt. And you just simply save your precious time.

In this blog, We publish articles and tutorials related to working universal remote codes, reviews of various branded remotes, troubleshooting instructions, programming, tips, tricks, etc.

My co-workers (Staff) are the authored in this blog and they share their experience with various remotes including Philips, DirecTV, Logitech Harmony, Sofabaton, General Electric (GE), RCA, and so many original remotes of Samsung, LG, Vizio, Sony, etc.

In the coming year, we hope to witness significant growth of our blog, establishing it as the foremost online resource within our industry.

Meet Our Team

Our Team has 2 members, dedicated industry experts who are always interested in providing value to our website. Hope, we can raise our blog very well-informative in the near future.

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