GE Universal Remote Code For Vizio TV & Programming Setup

When we consider the best universal remote for our Vizio TV, there should be a GE remote on the priority list. It provides outstanding features while staying within a limited budget (You can own it for less than 15$) such as wide compatibility, a user-friendly interface, ergonomic design, extensive range, reliable performance, etc.

The GE remote employs a code entry method to establish a connection with devices. By following a step-by-step process and inputting the designated GE universal remote code for Vizio TV, you can successfully establish a connection between the T and the remote.

Instead of a single specific code, I can offer you a comprehensive list of codes that are compatible with any model of Vizio TV.

If you have the user manual, it likely contains a complete list of supported codes. However, if you don’t have it, this post will prove extremely helpful to you.

What are the GE Universal remote codes for Vizio TV?

I’ll compile a list of CL3, CL4, CL5, and CL6 codes for you, and shortly thereafter, I’ll explain why the code list version is important in the pairing process.

  • CL3 codes – 5631, 5561, 5611, 1471, 1741, 2021, 2901, 3651, 3741, 3851, 4081, 5571, 5581, 5591, 5601, 5621, 5641, 5651, 5661, 5671, 5681, 5691, 5701, 5711
  • CL4 codes – 5611, 5631, 5561, 6121, 6131, 6111, 5651, 5621, 5711
  • CL5 & CL6(New) codes – 5631, 5611, 5561, 6471, 6511, 6121, 6131, 6111, 5651, 5621, 5711

Find the Code Type for Your GE Remote Model

Regardless of the Vizio TV model you have, whether it’s LED, LCD, Plasma, HDTV, etc., all of them are compatible with the GE remote. However, it is crucial to pay close attention to the code type used on the remote.

Be sure that the TV model is compatible with IR remotes. 

To the best of my understanding, most of the TV models are equipped with an IR sensor.

But make sure some TV models come with a voice remote with Bluetooth connectivity. Some 4K HDR UHD HDTV smart TVs use SmartCast XRT voice remote. Check whether such models are compatible with IR remotes by contacting Vizio support.

To discover the code list utilized by your remote, begin by opening the battery compartment and removing the batteries. Take note of the CL version indicated there, whether it is CL3, CL4, CL5, or CL6.

Note down the code appropriately from the above-given list.

How to program a GE universal remote to Vizio TV?

Locate the “Setup” button on the remote and press and hold it until the RED light illuminates and stays ON.

Next, press the TV button. The RED light blinks and remains ON.

Now enter the first 4-digit code, and if your entered code is correct, the RED light will turn OFF.

Point your remote to the Vizio TV (You should switch on it), and test all the keys on the remote whether it properly working or responding to the TV.

If your remote is not fully functioning with the TV, I recommend you re-program it with another code from the list. However, it’s better to start with the first code on the list since all of them are provided in high to low-priority orders.

Tips and tricks for optimal performances

It’s better to check the battery charge status before pairing the GE remote with the Vizio TV. If the battery charge is very low, It won’t properly control your TV. If you are sure that the batteries are aged, then replace them with new ones.

Ensure that the distance between the TV and the remote does not exceed 12 meters.

And if you experience any glitch in working the remote with your Vizio TV, a power recycling can help them for a quick fix. It means, removing the batteries for a few minutes. Re-insert and re-program.

Still, the problem persists, then you can hard reset your remote. It’ll troubleshoot so many common issues. If do so, then you need to re-program with the code as I explained above.

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