GE Universal Remote Codes For Roku[Box,TV] & Programming

Many people purchase the GE universal remote to replace their TV remote control. However, it’s important to note that this versatile remote can also be used to control other devices such as Roku streaming devices, DVD players, home theaters, soundbars, etc.

So, if you happen to lose or damage your original Roku remote, you can effectively use this third-party controller as a suitable alternative.

Depending on the code list versions, you may possess one of the following GE remote control models: CL3, CL4, CL5, or CL6. It’s worth noting that CL6 is the most recent version, making it the latest addition to the lineup.

I listed all of the GE universal remote 4-digit codes for Roku TV, such as Roku smart TV, streaming box, etc. Additionally, you can learn how to program the remote with the code.

What are the GE universal remote codes for Roku TVs?

Code list 3 (CL3) remotes are not supported, but CL4, CL5, and CL6 are compatible. You can pair it with the media streaming box as well as the Roku built-in smart TVs. The listed codes won’t support streaming sticks.

  • For streaming box – 2014, 4395, 0903, 6171, 6001
  • Sharp Roku TV – 6001, 6251
  • TCL Roku TV – 6171
  • Hisense Roku TV – 6251
  • Insignia Roku TV –  6171, 6381
  • Philips Roku TV – 6001
  • Hitachi Roku TV – 6171

The given codes are tested and working 100% perfectly with the streaming box and the TV. If the first given code doesn’t work, you can try with another code from the list.

How to program the GE universal remote to Roku?

How to program GE universal remote to Roku TV device

  • Press and hold the SETUP button until the remote RED light turns ON
  • Then press and release the device button (Here you can use STRM for the streaming box & TV button for Roku TV)
  • Please enter the appropriate 4-digit code carefully with the number keys
  • After entering the code, the red light will turn OFF
  • Now point the remote to the Device and test all the buttons
  • If all buttons are working properly, that’s it, you paired. if not try with another code

How to program the GE remote to Roku without a code?

When the discovered codes don’t work, or you can’t find the proper code, then don’t get worried. Your remote supports the auto code search method, where the remote finds the proper code for your device.

  • Manually turn on your TV or Roku streaming box
  • Press and hold down the SETUP button until the RED light turns ON
  • Then press the device selection key (Here’s the STRM/TV button)
  • Press and release the remote power key every 5 seconds until the TV turns OFF
  • Again, manually switch on the TV
  • Press and release the Volume UP (Vol+) every 3 seconds until the TV turns OFF
  • Press the TV/STRM button to save the code

This is one of the possible methods, but I always prefer the direct code entry method. All the codes can be available from their official online library.

How to find out the code list version of a GE remote?

You may be confused about which code list should you use while pairing the remote control. Don’t go for a random code, but find out the code list version and select the code accordingly.

To know this, open the battery compartment and there you can see all the details regarding the product. The model number, battery information, supported code list version, etc. If it is labeled CL4, you should get the GE CL4 codes when programming it.

The same details can be obtained from the packing box of the remote. There should be a hard copy of the user manual where you can get all the codes and details.

Limitations & Advantages

GE universal remote is a simple IR remote, with limited features. What you can control your Roku TV with this remote is that it turns ON, Turns OFF, navigates through the menu options, etc.

Voice features are not available, and there is no direct pairing button as seen on the original remote control. Use it as a third-party controller until you buy a new original one.

As described above, the setup process only takes less than a minute when you have the proper device codes.

By saying the limitations, there are so many advantages too.

ByJasco offers a variety of remotes that cater to different needs. They have different models for 3, 4, 6, and 8 devices, meaning, allowing you to control such numbers of devices with a single remote. The best part is that you can purchase these remotes at an affordable price range of $10 – $20, making it a cost-effective solution.


Does GE universal remote work with Roku?

Yes! But very old type CL3 doesn’t work, you can use CL4, CL5, and CL6 code version-supported models.

What are the alternative GE remotes for Roku?

There is a wide range of alternative options available for you to choose from. Some notable alternatives include RCA, Onn, Philips, One-For-All, etc.

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